Tuesday, September 8, 1992

12:40 am

Well, of course the video thing doesn't seem so important now that I'm not stoned. Interesting, ¿no? I did mention it to Annelies. But didn't really pursue it much. I spent 3 hours visiting with her and Elisabeth and Fernando. That was nice. Annelies is putting together signs for teaching yoga. I got paid $200 today. They still owe me $300. And $700 next Tuesday. Same old.

11:00 am

Great day. Overcast, a bit cool. And the streets are deserted because estamos en fiesta. It's the Día de la Patrona de Málaga -- la Virgen de la Victoria. Kinda an eerie feeling being downtown on a day like this. Refreshing, really. "This Charming Man" by The Smiths has been making a comeback on the radio. I like it. I don't know. I'm just enjoying floating through life right now.

8:00 pm

I love the beach at this time of day. It's so cool, the waves are all you hear, along with the church bells ringing out the hour. It's just so peaceful. No crowds. A good time to reflect. Annelies and I have been talking about relationships -- both gay and straight. She says Javier is interested in me, but I'm not in him. Annelies is really fascinating, albeit a bit long-winded. She's so open, so out-going -- like almost all the Dutch people I've met. I love the long shadows on the sand. I need to stay by water. Maybe I'll move to Guam. Or Boston. I'm not sure where that came from. I'm so happy when I don't spend any money. Because it means that I'll have more money to travel. That's where all the resources need to go now. All the "potential" income. Sevilla. Córdoba. Granada, the Algarve. Still ahead on the agenda in October. I wonder where I'll be on my 30th birthday.

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