Monday, April 20, 1992

2:40 pm

Yop, Yop, Yop. Like a dog. Anyway, he stopped over last night after he went to the corrida. That was nice of him. The two Dutch girls had stopped by, too. We had a nice talk. But then they wanted to go to Bolivia and I didn't. Yop lagged behind when the girls left and we talked for another 30 minutes. He finally left when Elke and Dirk went also. Darn. Almost had him here all alone. I really think that he's curious and might want something to happen between us. I sure do. We talked more about possibly living together. ¡Aproveche! I'm still feeling very useless today. Without a purpose in life. I'll call Bob tonight. I'm really thinking that maybe he could move here if things work out with this job. I could support both of us for a little while! Why not? It would be perfect! I was supposed to call María José yesterday, but didn't. I'm losing any edge that I may have had. I'm lately content to lie on the beach and do nothing!

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