Friday, March 13, 1992

8:00 pm

Smack! Another dose of FATE! Yesterday, the Director of Alhambra, Joaquin, offered me a job producing videos! What? I can't believe it! It's exactly what I want to do. He has some grand ideas about making videos that teach Spanish. I mean, this could be a long term position. Years. Perfecto! I hadn't pursued María José on the topic because I knew she had had some conflicts with him. I pretty much gave up on the idea. I had been seriously looking at buying my own equipment or looking into working at Expo. Mostly, I've just been feeling very frustrated. Now my only problem is that everyone thinks Joaquin is an asshole. I think so too! But if he's going to give me work... There are still a lot of other details to be worked out. Like a work permit and salary. I need at least $1000/month to live as I have been. But of course, it'd be better to be able to buy things like clothes occasionally. So, anyway, I'm not getting too excited yet. But I know it will happen in some form. It's incredible, really. FATE! That I end up at this school that's starting a video lab. And he also hopes to distribute these tapes elsewhere. We're talking about a real business partnership here. Serious stuff. Potential. My guiding force has struck again. I had a good time at Bolivia last night. Met a German girl, Simone, who's very nice. A Spanish teacher, Fernando, and an American named Mike. Cool. Tonight there's a fiesta at the school. Should be fun. Andre is so geeked over it. He's the Master of Ceremonies. Jeannet is leaving next Tuesday for her job in Granada. I'm going to miss her. Tim's leaving in 2 weeks. Then Steffi and Andre in 3 weeks. Arrgh!

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