Wednesday, March 11, 1992

2:45 am

Just getting home from Bolivia. Harold and some other guys were "jamming." Pretty cool. I enjoyed talking with Antonella about life, fate, subconscious feelings, "going for it." Yea. New friends. I've still been feeling left out because I don't speak German! Damn. I've been wondering if this is right for me. If I should go back instead of making a big investment here. But, no. I'm not ready to go back. There's too much potential here. Too many opportunities. I've been thinking a lot about Bob! And what I'm going to do about video equipment. And how I want to continue learning new languages. And how traveling is so right for me. I had another salsa class tonight. Man, I just can't do it! Positive, Mike. Wake up each morning with a positive attitude! You can do it! You are doing it!

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