Tuesday, March 10, 1992

1:30 am

I enjoyed meeting some new people today. But unfortunately, there are no new guys in the school. Bummer, dude. I did meet a cute German at Bolivia tonight. Anyhow, this course will be much harder, but I know I'll learn a lot. and talk in Spanish a lot more. I'm almost to the point of being comfortable with it. Not quite, though. I looked at video equipment today. Expensive! Almost double the NTSC version at a discount video place. I don't know what to do! It would cost me $5000 to get what I need. I don't have it! I've really enjoyed talking with Steffi's brother, Matteus. We've talked about politics and education, mostly. the German university system is great. Everything's free! I've been eating too much lately. Too expensive. Money, money, money.

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