Thursday, February 13, 1992

5:30 pm

Wow! Life gets more interesting. Andre has moved in with Tim and me. They are the two best Spanish speakers in class (and the best-looking, too!) We try to speak only Spanish in the house. Very difficult for me, but very necessary. They're both really good guys. Only drawback to this place is that it's frickin' cold at night! I slept with all my clothes on and still froze. I suppose I'll get used to it eventually. I just hope I don't get sick. I woke up with a sore throat this morning. It has a great terrace from which you can see the water over the next house. The beach is literally steps away. The school is two minutes, too. It's fantastic. With Andre here, it's only $150/month! Fantastic. I have the downstairs larger bedroom. Tim has the small one upstairs, off the terrace. Andre is sleeping on a covered terrace -- where laundry is usually hung. It works great for everyone. Fate! I went out to Bolivia last night with some of the guys from class. Talked quite a bit with Ronnie and Andre about travel, languages and life in general. I'm learning so much! Experiencing so much! It was really difficult leaving Dave and Gitta. Of course, I'll visit then still! It's a temporary loss of security -- which will result in growth! This is a great neighborhood. Mostly families. Lots of dogs barking all the time. Great sun exposure! I think I'm gonna like it here! ¡Que vida! I'll certainly pick up a lot of Spanish from the locals and maybe a bit of German, too. Perfecto. I know I'm rambling, but there are so many feelings. So much to express. Our landlady, Vittorina, is the cutest little old viuda. She's always got a smile on her face. I just wish I already knew Spanish better! It'll come. Be patient. Study hard! Enjoy the experience. Harold is another really nice guy in class. Isn't this what life's about? Sharing experiences with each other. People fascinate me!

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