Friday, February 14, 1992

1:30 pm

Last night was so much fun! First, I went for a long walk at sunset. I walked along the beach to El Palo, a very busy neighborhood with shops, restaurants and lots of people out and about. It was great. Real life Spain. Kinda like where I'm living, too. A very loud street -- kids playing, dogs barking, motorcycles passing through. Tim, Andre, Steffi, Jeannet and I met three of Steffi's friends downtown last night. We went to 3 bars -- each one very different. I talked quite a bit with one of the German girls (Olina?) She's moving to Chile to work for a German Third World relief agency. We're both at similar places in our lives. She was great. I wish I had gotten an address in case I'm ever in Chile. We ended up at Bar Salsa where we danced and danced. It was a great group of people. I love the "big city" feeling. Although I was looking at the people interacting and realized that I could be in any city in the U.S. Chicago, maybe. Not Detroit. But so much going on from place to place. It's the way to live life. Tonight, our instructor, María José, is coming over to teach us how to dance salsa. I'm really lucky to be living with Tim and Andre.

8:15 pm

Idle thoughts and remembrances: One of the German girls told me last night that their Spanish school is looking to update their video recruitment tape. I've got to get over there and see what's up. Andre last night bought a rose from a street vendor and wanted to give it to Steffi. She didn't want it, so he got down on his knees and was chasing her around the bar. She was so embarrassed. It was so funny. Andre is a performer at Spanish resorts. That's why he's so outgoing. I'll say. The Germans really seem to enjoy talking to me. They can improve their English. Winter break is starting back in Bloomfield Hills. Where's that? // I love the action of this neighborhood. I swear it's straight out of a movie. Constant commotion. People chattering as they walk by, motor scooters, kids running by, dogs barking, ladies visiting in the streets, the sound of bottles clinking behind the restaurant down the street, someone playing guitar. ¡Fantastico! Andre is staying until April 9th. I could stay here until then -- only $4.00/day, $150/month. He says he may even be working in the Málaga area after April. Cool. I could sit on the beach forever. As it is, we have class until 12:30 and then can spend the whole afternoon at a beach-side cafe or on the beach! Evenings are for partying late. I'm drinking a lot more here! Every night. I just wish it weren't so damn cold in here at night. I hate that.

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