Tuesday, February 11, 1992

8:45 pm

Life changes so quickly sometimes. A chance meeting, small talk. This new guy, Tim, was looking for an apartment and roommate. I told him my situation and said I might be interested. We had a couple of beers at a cafe while waiting for the landlady to return. He's a really cool guy. We talked about traveling. About life in general. I figured he'd be a good person to live with. He speaks Spanish very well -- and I can pick up some German, too! Anyway, we saw the apartment and it's nice. A lot of room, but a bit dingy. But it's right behind the Paseo Maritimo and two blocks from the school. So I agreed to it. It'll be nice being close to the other students. And Tim will introduce me to the locals, too. My Spanish will improve dramatically. If I want that to happen, I have to leave Torreblanca. I'm getting too secure here. It's holding me back. I'll really miss them! I have tears in my eyes. Leaving friends is so hard! I have to remember the fox in "The Little Prince." My friends will always still be there!

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