Saturday, February 15, 1992

5:00 am

I really like Andre. I mean, I really like him. Maybe my mission is to get him to come out of the closet. I don't know. Yes, he does talk about girls all the time. And he is very "good" with them. But then again, he's an actor, an entertainer! He's used to putting on shows. Is it all an act? He's the perfect stereotypical gay man, for God's sake! Plus he has a receding hairline and balding crown. But really, he seemed so uncomfortable tonight -- and last night for that matter -- dancing with girls. María José was trying to get him to dance, and while he would for a while, he seemed mostly to brush her off. Tim, on the other hand, left with her and her friends to go to another bar. Andre thought that we were invited, but then realized that the rest of us weren't when María José waved good-bye. He seemed disappointed. But of course, I was happy. I had hoped to get him alone for one last drink, but Mark decided to join us. Doesn't matter. we had a good time talking. About drinking games, mostly. Anyway, I need to let him know that I'm gay in the next 6 weeks. Shouldn't be too hard. Then we'll see how he responds. Jorg, in the other class, is gay, too, I think. But he may be too young to realize it. Like Andre. He's 27, but probably doesn't have a lot of experience. We had a good time tonight at Bar Salsa. Jane - my friend from Michigan - will love it there. I can't write anymore. I need to sleep!

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