Saturday, February 22, 1992

11:50 pm

We rented a car and went to Ronda today. It was very beautiful, but also very cold. I have a cold that I got Thursday and I was feeling pretty miserable. I went with Ronnie, Uli, Jorg and Harold. Tim, Andre and the girls are going tomorrow. I must say I felt out of sorts on the drive home when they were all speaking German the whole time. Yes, I would have preferred going tomorrow with the others, but someone had to be bumped. It's okay. I'll enjoy the time alone tomorrow. This weather has been so shitty. I didn't come to Spain for this! I'm staying home tonight instead of going to Bolivia or Salsa. I need to take it easy. Last night, we were at Bolivia, but I was so out of it. I really don't make any effort to meet new people. I just sat most of the night. But as long as Andre's there, I'm content. Does that sound sappy or what? Man, the way he looks at me still gets to me. And the things he does. He insisted on buying on me one last beer last night, then left when I decided to leave, even though he could have stayed with the others. He's a good guy. Tim is too, although he can be a scheizkoft. He's such an egoist, while Andre always is concerned about everyone else. I'm fantasizing about him quite regularly. Probably not wise. I'll be so hurt. Jorg was being pretty friendly last night. I just wish he spoke better English. Or Spanish.

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