Sunday, February 23, 1992

I've been re-reading the last 3 months of my journal to see where I've been, where I'm at and where I'm headed. It's really an incredible story. I've been on the terrace all day. It's sunny, but very windy. Clouds are moving in again. I should do some homework, but I really need to write. My life has been so fantastic lately. Never would I have been able to predict all that's happened. And it just gets better. I'm so glad I have today to myself. It's important for me to have time alone. The others went to Ronda today. I stayed in last night because I'm sick. My cold has gone to my chest. No fun. I'm still thinking about Andre. When If. How. I'm feeling apprehensive about getting together to talk with María José. Why? It's another great adventure. One that will result in many positives. Like maybe finding a job.

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