Friday, January 31, 1992

4:20 am

I was getting travelers checks at the credit union today. The woman asked where I was going and how long. I said Spain and I don't know. I told her I was moving and she was so excited for me. She said her parents loved Málaga. The guy at the service station giving me the emissions test was equally impressed. I like making that impression on people's lives. I've been writing constantly. I've been writing a letter. It's so fun sharing my experiences.

10:00 am

Transferring from Heathrow to Gatwick aboard a very bumpy bus. As you can see from the writing. Ah, London. I do love this place. Hate the weather! It took me 20 minutes to find the right place to get a voucher for the bus. It's free, though. Travel always includes uncertainty. And delays. Luckily, I checked my bags through to Málaga. that's a relief. This small backpack and briefcase are heavy enough. I'll never be able to carry everything. Maybe I'll have to break down and take a cab in Málaga. I'd like to find a hotel barrato so I could stay at least two nights and get a bit settled in. A lot of birch trees here in England. It's a dreary, chilly day. Can't wait to see the sun! Back home, they're still in bed. Eating a Kit-Kat bar, thinking of Lark. I have so many friends. I am truly blessed.

11:30 am

Lots of police here at Gatwick. No trash bins -- I guess they're too easy to place bombs in. And, yes, the bobbies do carry guns. At least at the airports. You know, I love British commercials. I'm watching TV in the lounge. Very graphic and stark adverts about smoke alarms and immunizations. I should stop watching TV. It's numbing my brain.

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