Sunday, September 20, 1992

11:20 am

I love lazy weekends. Yesterday, I spent some time on the beach, then visited Frank on his terrace -- right on the beach. How nice. I'd love it! Then we went to a Goddard movie -- in French with Spanish subtitles. Yeah right. Impossible. Then we went out with Elisabeth and Corrine. It was really good for me because I had to speak Spanish all day and night. And we went to the center before ending up dancing at Donde. A little variety. I've been worrying about money more. Shit. I don't make enough! Sure, it's enough to live, but not to afford a flight to the States, or contacts, or Christmas presents. Nothing extra. I don't know how long I could live like that. No clothes, no music, no travel.

7:45 pm

Okay. So am I thinking of leaving Málaga because I can't afford Christmas presents? If so, something's wrong here. Money, money, money. I hate it! I had a great day -- reading mostly. The New York Times Magazine, Mother Jones, Harper's. Great stuff. Inspirational. But those things do make me feel like "going back."

9:20 pm

It's incredible what's going on in Iraq with this "no-fly zone." It's meant to "protect the Shiite population from attack." Who's protecting the people of Afghanistan, of Burma, of Somalia? Minorities are being attacked all over the world. governments are wreaking havoc on their own citizens. But we only look to Iraq. (I've been reading the New York Times!)

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