Sunday, July 19, 1992

12:40 am

La, la, la. Not much of a day. By the time I got out to Fuengirola, it was 12:30. And I had to catch the 2:15 train back. They don't have the flea market there on Saturdays anymore. So I laid on the beach a while. The water is much cleaner there. But not worth the 550 pesetas round trip train fare. Summer weekend rates! Paco and I videotaped a wedding today. Didn't use lights. It'll probably look like shit. Herbert'll be pissed. Bernardo too. Fuck 'em. I'm not taking this job seriously. I want to go to the flea market in Málaga tomorrow and maybe ride into the mountains. Don't feel like going to Donde tonight and have no other offers!

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