Sunday, April 26, 1992

2:00 pm

Just when life is chugging along toward perfection -- a derailment. Yop is moving somewhere else. So now I need to find another roommate or make a big move to a permanent apartment. I don't want to give up the beachfront terrace yet, though. And I'd like to see how the job goes before I decide where to live for good. It would've been nice with Yop here, but it probably would've been frustrating, too. He's not gay, Mike. Last night I was feeling lonely. I need to find more friends. Permanent friends. I went with Annelies to some Spanish bars and even met a couple of her friends. But they're a bit too tranquilo for me. I need some gay friends. Gitta's leaving at the end of the week. Barbara's got a boyfriend. Yes, I have friends, but not real close friends. I saw Mitchell yesterday. This job sounds so promising. He wants me to work next Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I suggested a minimum of $10/hour. I think he was expecting to pay more. Tomorrow we'll try to finalize money matters, but I think I'll be making very good money! Maybe $20/hour for editing. Maybe it'll be good enough to convince Bob to move here. Dammit. I hope he's really thinking about it seriously. He's probably not. Once he gets here, how could he refuse this lifestyle? I really want to be serious about a life together. I'm trying to bounce back from this depression over Yop last night. Another 4 weeks before Bob's here! Too long. I'll call him again today.

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