Monday, March 16, 1992

11:50 pm

I still haven't talked again to Joaquin. I need to. To see if he's really serious. Go for it, Mike! I just hate this language barrier thing. I talked with María José today. Joaquin isn't renewing her contract, so she's leaving after the first week in April. He's such an asshole. I told her of my doubts about working with him. She said there's a lot of potential for me at Alhambra. He wants to begin English classes as well. But can I work for such a jerk? She's thinking of going to England to study English for a few months. Good for her. But bad for me. I'll miss her. I'm just getting to know her as a friend. We talked a lot about life and changes and fate and seizing opportunities and finding good in bad situations. I had a really good day, actually. I talked with many different people about different things. And the weather was perfect again! I'm getting spoiled. This is the third straight night I've stayed in. A record! I just haven't had the desire to face Bolivia. Same old. I didn't go to the gay bar Saturday, either. It would've been a good night to go, except that I had to be up early to go to Granada Sunday. That was nice, but much too quick. I'm thinking of going to Sevilla with Vicky on Friday and coming back on Sunday. We'll see. She'll be here on Wednesday. I've still been thinking too much about Andre. Lovesick. Yech. I just love to look at him. Especially when he's down and he has been down lately. He'll be gone in three weeks. Shit.

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