Thursday, February 27, 1992

11:15 pm

I had a good day. Jeannet and I climbed a mountain. Everyone thought we were crazy to try, but it was easier than we thought. It was fantastic. A great view! And it was fun! Something different. I'm glad she went with me. Now I'm about to go to Bolivia. I hope the others are there. I expected them to come by here first. Andre hasn't even been back after his Sevillanas class. Tim's at La Paloma with some Spanish friends. I know I should join them for a drink. He's offered so many times to get me to speak real Spanish with real Spaniards. But I back away. Oh how I hate that! It's the only way I'll learn! Even at Bolivia I don't talk with the Spaniards. I'm staying in my cocoon. I've got to break out! Potential, Mike. Live up to your potential! Don't back down now. I'm still feeling left out and I'm missing my friends. I need a security blanket right now. No. What I need is to let go of my security and take more risks! I need to keep going ahead. Don't rest. I feel better today. Finally getting over my cold and sore throat. Just in time to go to Cádiz for Carnaval tomorrow! I hope I survive this -- two days with no sleep.

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