Thursday, July 23, 1992

1:50 am

It's great when things "happen." Yes, sometimes you have to make them happen. They don't happen when you stay home every night! Elisabeth invited me to a fiesta tonight. Turns out there was none, but we went downtown instead. On her moto. I forgot how fun it can be! The great music at Casa del Conde. The music I remember from Salsa in February-April. At Salsa, I ran into not one, but two people I knew Karen, from England, who's back in Málaga on holiday. And Antonio, the friend of Barbara's. I told him I was working now, but didn't have many friends here now. He took my work number and said he'd call me for the Feria. How cool! So much can happen if you "just do it." And to think I was planning my escape earlier. I still don't know if I can last past November, but we'll see. Friends would make the difference. I was drying my hierba on the terrace today. The bowl got knocked over and I had to retrieve the marijuana leaves from the suelo. Goofy. I bought a TV today. Yay! I feel like a human being again. Watched a bit of "Alf" and "Moonlighting." In Spanish, of course! I think it will prove to be worth the $220 investment. Hey, I'm getting pretty excited about the Democrats' chances this November. Wouldn't that be great? I do feel sorry I'm missing it, though!

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