Wednesday, July 29, 1992

7:00 pm

What a great surprise!! As I was sitting watching the Olympics last night, I heard my name being called. To my surprise, there was Gitta down below! She's here on holiday for 2 weeks. She said she had faxed me, but I hadn't picked it up from the school. She asked around at Donde about me and got all sorts of rumors -- that I had left and such. Annelies overheard her questions and told her where I lived. How funny. I'm so happy! I've missed her! We were out at Donde until 4 am last night. I had been at Pinky and James's until 1:30 for dinner and drinks. That was really nice. A very good day, really. Realized that I had friends! I'm sure Gitta's presence will "force" me to go out more. I suppose that's good. Just have to watch the expenditures. But I've been doing well. I have to realize that it's worth a $2.00 investment to go out and be with people. For example, I'm sitting outside at Gallerna right now. I should do this more often. Just one drink, though. I went into work today and wrote letters and read the paper. Herbert finally came in at 1:00. Gave me a Communion to edit, then said to take the afternoon off. But what about pay? He said we'll get paid for the weddings tomorrow. Someone called with a complaint about one of the weddings I edited. So what am I doing wrong? I thought that one turned out pretty nice. Shit. I get so discouraged. But you know, it just doesn't matter. It's not like a parent complaining in BH. This is transient stuff. I can walk away at any time. And hey! I'm in Spain! So fuck it!

I can't believe all the garbage on the beach and in the water here. Gross. It's been so hot lately. I want to go to Expo! Or Morocco. Or Detroit.

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