Saturday, April 4, 1992

1:30 pm

Another nice change last night. We first met at Barbara and Gitta's new place -- close to here. Yea! Then we went downtown to Casa del Conde and Salsa. Nothing new yet, I know. But we had a drink at a new place, then after we went back to Salsa, there was tear gas or mace released and everyone had to leave. Well, Barbara, Katerina and I decided to go back in afterwards while the others left. They both met men. But it was nice to dance, since it was less crowded. Then we went to Havana at about 4:00. Didn't leave until 7:00. I loved the music. I danced by myself most of the time, because Barbara was outside talking and Katerina met another guy. But I really enjoyed it. It was nice to just dance like crazy. Andre was there with a Spanish girl he met. Everyone had met someone except me! I really need to go to a gay bar soon. Just to meet some guys. To build up my self-esteem! It's not fair that everyone else meets people. I want some action, too. Yesterday was my last day of class. It will be so different next week. Shit. Can't stand to think of it. It really upsets me that only Bob, Alyssa, Marisa and Suzanne have written me. C'mon friends! I've been thinking more about going home in May for a couple weeks. Maybe I could find work easier in June. Of course, I haven't even looked yet. But I really did want to go home sometime before July anyway. Who knows? Paul tells me that the house is sold, so the money should be there soon. Finally sold my car, too. Lost about $1000 as expected. I could use something to just cheer me up. The weather has been horrible lately. Said good-bye to more people yesterday. Depression time! But Andre and I are having dinner with 2 girls from Salsa class. They invited us over. Another new thing.

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