Sunday, March 22, 1992

10:45 pm

I'm sitting outside by the sea. It's been a beautiful day and is now a beautiful night. You can see so many stars. The waves are crashing in on the rocks. Very nice. I'm feeling good about being here again. Yesterday was a bit difficult being alone in Sevilla, but I'm feeling better about being alone. I absolutely love days like this. I was outside from 12:30 - 7:00. We had dinner at the girls' apartment. That was nice. I like hanging out with different people. And not necessarily going to the bar. Although I would like to meet up with Dirk again before he leaves. I'm supposed to talk with Joaquin tomorrow. I hope we can make some definite plans soon! I feel so frustrated here sometimes. I tried calling Bob to give him my fax number, but I still can't get the AT&T operator, the Spanish international operator doesn't answer and the damn machine wouldn't accept more coins and cut me off before I could leave a message on his machine!

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