Monday, February 3, 1992

8:30 pm

I figured out a new budget. I can live on what I have until the end of April. Three months. Then I'll have to find work of get out of here. Why am I thinking about this already? Can't I just enjoy what I have right now? Why the concern for the future? Things will happen as they happen. Doris Day sang it best. Que serĂ¡, serĂ¡. I might even get tired of this after three months. I'm already antsy. No TV, no newspapers, few friends, no dog. I'm glad Minka and Lady are part of the group. But really, at times I'm just restless. I don't feel like reading -- it's too cold in here anyway. I must get the heater fixed. I do like listening to the Canal Sur Uno radio station. Good mix of British, American and Spanish pop and new music. I probably should read the "Teaching English" book that I have. there I go again. Trying to work when I should just be experiencing this "neutral zone." I miss my friends! Yow. Only gone 4 days. It was sunny and 70° today. I hope that keeps up. But it still gets cold at night. I froze last night. I even slept with my clothes on and 3 blankets! I feel good today, though, even without much sleep.

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