Thursday, February 20, 1992

7:30 pm

I'm starting to get obsessed with Andre. That's not good. I just love him. He's such a nice guy. He plays soccer. I've always adored soccer players. Little things make me wonder if he might be gay without realizing it himself. He didn't really react to a gay joke that Tim told today. And I always catch him looking at me. Last night I mentioned that the lover of a friend of mine died of AIDS and he seemed very pensive afterwards. I can't get obsessed. It would hurt our relationship. But I do see some potential there. Jorg is probably gay, too. He's been getting close to me lately, but I feel uncomfortable with him because neither his English nor Spanish are very good. He is pretty cute, though. And young! Last night "the girls" came over and we made a pasta dinner. It was so much fun. Reminded me of college days. We talked about so many things. I love it. We got so silly (we did have 6 bottles of wine). We talked about what we should bring to class for Lorenzo and Paul's birthday. We had so much extra pasta and salad, we thought of bringing that and saying it's a Danish or American tradition. Or to bring a dead dog -- the one across the street who barks all the time. Or a "birthday niƱo" -- the little kid who drives his noisy motorized truck all the time when we're trying to sleep or study! Andre suggested giving the dog "fried spoons." He meant to say fried sponge. When he eats it, it expands... We had a good time despite the horrible weather. It rained all day. The waves washed over the beach. We watched from La Paloma where we went for lunch. That was after Andre taught us all the Sevillanas after class. This is a great group of people. Today, after class, we had a paella dinner which Lorenzo cooked. It was fantastic! Some people danced while it was cooking. Harold played his sax. Then we all went to for coffee and stayed for 2 hours playing games in a circle. (Clap, clap, one, two, clap, clap, two, eight, etc. -- in Spanish of course, and all hands on table mixed up and tap in order -- two taps reverses it, and "seven bang.") Losers had to sing a song or do a dance. Craziness! What fun we have! Then people were telling jokes in Spanish. I'm so fortunate to be here. People are going out to Bar Salsa again tonight. I don't really want to go. I'd rather have people over here again. But I'll probably go. I hope the weather gets better. This is shitty -- cold, wind, rain.

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